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Electronic ID for citizens

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Electronic ID for citizens

We were asked by:

Lancaster CVS

to consider the digital gap of:

people without a passport, driving licence or utility bill finding it difficult to access services designed to support them.

many just don’t have the correct documents to hand, which slows down the process of them gaining support or could mean they decide not to bother at all.

our proposed solution:

As many of the target audience have a smartphone then Digital Gaps have worked with an existing product that delivers a national ID system in Sweden. The product will be enhanced to allow Lancaster CVS to provision an ID on the person’s smart phone including the ability to capture utility bills and other evidence of status e.g. Unemployed, able to work in UK etc. The person will then have an electronic ID with them all the time and be able to prove their ID and status with ease when working with any signed up support service. Frontline workers can request sight of any document and can record a unique reference for the authentication check for their back off system records.

resulting product: 

Still in development, expected summer 2019

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