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We are Lean and Agile

We are Lean and Agile

Our software offers a full process/continuous improvement platform to help you understand and continuously improve your processes. It offers many benefits over traditional methods of process mapping and helps all stages of improvement from the capture of the As Is, To Be creation and on to implementation and continuous improvement of processes.

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Check out these videos:

We are happy to provide an online demo which will bring the following benefits to life.

Main benefits

  • Save time for your analysts by capturing all the information live in the workshop in a single system. There is no need to lengthy write ups of workshops and transferring data to other mediums like Visio, Excel etc. In a traditional As Is and To Be workshop 30-40% of analysts time is spent doing write ups this is completely removed with our software offering significant savings.
  • Speed up delivery. As the processes are captured live in the workshop they are effectively ready for the next steps at the end of the workshop. This means significant elapsed time(wait) savings in your projects
  • Powerful analysis tools help you to identify waste and bottlenecks in your processes to help you identify savings and opportunities
  • Models not maps. Traditional mapping software helps you to capture a visual image of the process. Calculation of cost of service is normally a manual process of calculating benefits completely unconnected to the process map and taking more time for your analysts. With our software the map is a fully costed process model and you can calculate the cost of process with a single click and also compare your As Is with the To Be. You can also see the costs at a granular level helping you identify more problems and bottlenecks
  • Swimlanes. Putting a process in a swimlane in other software requires a completely new map. With us you click a button to look at it from a roles (or any other data you may wish to add like systems) with a single click.
  • Share the maps digitally for wider stakeholders to collaborate and feedback on your process designs. Having created the models you can share with the wider stakeholder group with a click of a button and gather feedback directly within the software(again saving more time for analysts)
  • Stakeholder engagement and buy in is improved. Instead of building maps with Post Its and eventually sending a different digital version back to stakeholders which can be quite hard for stakeholders to buy in to the digital version you can send the outcomes of the workshop straight away and it is in the same format they built and are familiar with improving engagement and ownership
  • Publish your ‘To Be’ to your digital process handbook. You can publish a link to this on the intranet for anyone to access but equally the processes in the handbook can be restricted for more sensitive processes. This can be your single source of the truth about your processes which can be used for training, information or auditors to check what happens in the processes.
  • Allow feedback on your processes in the handbook to gather problems, challenges and improvement ideas to support continuous improvement.
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