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The Collective

The Digital Gaps Collective offers collaboration through our digital catalysts, digital specialists and small businesses with digital capability.

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We will add you to our Khub group and send you email briefings. At anytime you can email exit@digitalgaps.co.uk and we will remove you.

Digital Catalysts

Our Digital Catalysts are the problem solvers here at Digital Gaps. They will probably be your public sector organisation’s first contact with our network.

Digital Catalysts have strong knowledge of the public sector and the challenges it faces. They will be responsible for discovering the needs of your gap or challenge and consulting the collective to identify possible solutions.

The catalyst will look to co-develop a new product or implement a product to meet the needs using digital specialists and small business members as required.

Meet Our Catalysts

Digital Specialists

Our Digital Specialists have extensive knowledge of a specific area of digital. We have programme directors, agile coaches, user experience designers, technical architect, data visualiser and more.

They are available to offer advice or support project through day-rates. Often the public sector does not have access to these resources and brings in individual contractors who have little complementary knowledge of the rest of the solution. Digital Gaps offers specialists from their collective who have relationships and expertise with the small business capabilities.

Meet Our Digital Specialists

Small Businesses

Our small tech businesses join the Digital Gaps Collective because they want to do more work within the public sector but have previously found it difficult to do so. They are highly skilled and have rich experience in their chosen fields but don’t always have the time and resources to devote to tendering for work with a public sector organisation.

They will look at how to address the ‘gap’, whether it is in using assistive technology to alert frontline staff to support needs or harnessing robotics and AI to make efficiency savings. It may be that workflow technology is introduced to orchestrate repeatable tasks or native apps introduced for citizens and frontline workers. Data analysis to enable evidence-based decisions or digital comms expertise so you can engage with citizens and stakeholders can also be accessed.

Our Small Businesses

Start your digital transformation journey with Digital gaps

Public sector ‘gaps’ could easily be filled by the creativity, agility, innovation and affordability of small businesses. Please get in touch to see how our collective of digital experts can help or how you can become a member of the Collective

Get In Touch

Upcoming Discovery Events

The discovery events allow the public sector to hear about new innovative solutions, gain masterclasses in digital tech and to express their gap / problem / challenge to see what potential solutions the collective will come up with.