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Author: Daryl

Chris is the second generation of his family to work with the public sector and is passionate about his role. Starting out in the research and information unit at Cambridgeshire County Council, he later moved to London to become a statistician and DBA for the statistical information service of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA)....

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Digital Gaps worked with Lancaster CVS to provide digital identification on a smartphone. This means the person has their electronic ID with them at all times. A pass code can be given to frontline workers to access records and download the required documents. This means the user can then access services like employability support, breaking down barriers to get into work....

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Digital Gaps is producing a shared directory of services for organisations across Bristol. Two small businesses are working on the project, with Digital Gaps attending meetings with stakeholders on their behalf. It will result in one source of information for all public sector groups across the city, meaning service users can access the groups they need more effectively....

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Ian is passionate about public and third sector services and dedicated to helping organisations make better use of technology. He founded Digital Gaps to help organisations take advantage of the digital expertise of small businesses. He believes technology can make public sector services more personalised, accessible and effective for the people that use them and make the organisations more productive and efficient....

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