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What We Offer

Discover and Challenge

Your first contact with our network will be via our Digital Catalysts, our problem solvers, who have extensive knowledge of the public sector. Our Digital Catalyst will work with you to understand your vision, the existing landscape (systems, culture, stakeholders, skills, capabilities and process), the current situation (personas, customer journeys, user research, user stories, costs) and then challenge it to identify improvement opportunities.

Consider potential solutions with Collective

The Digital Gaps Collective has expertise across the digital landscape through catalysts, specialists and small businesses. They will apply a creative, innovative and affordable challenge and are likely to identify several different ways of solving the problem. Your DG catalyst will discuss these options with you to find a business case and without any pressure agree the best way forward for your organisation. 

Develop a product/solution and scale

Digital Gaps will seek to develop a new minimal viable product (MVP) where appropriate such that your organisation will gain a free license for the life of the product and receive income where the product sells to other public sector organisations. The MVP will be scaled up through user demand and learning. This in turn gives the small business a product with a reference site and improves the public sector market.

If an existing product will provide your solution then Digital Gaps will oversee an agile implementation using the digital catalysts and specialists and small businesses as required to deliver the expected benefits.

Start your digital transformation journey with Digital gaps

Public sector ‘gaps’ could easily be filled by the creativity, agility, innovation and affordability of small businesses. Please get in touch to see how our collective of digital experts can help or how you can become a member of the Collective

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