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About Us

Enabling public sector organisations to benefit from small businesses

Digital Gaps is a vital link between public sector organisations and the small tech businesses that have the expertise to benefit them.

There are thousands of small businesses out there filled with knowledge your organisation could take advantage of and the nimbleness to turn around a project with amazing results. They’re ready to work with you and could save you a lot of time and money over working with larger businesses.

Yet, many struggle to work with the public sector.

Some may feel daunted by the processes involved in winning work. Others may just not have the time to spend attending the necessary meetings that make up the decision process.

That means some drop out before they’ve had chance to be awarded the work – others don’t even bother attempting to get involved. They miss out on the extra work and the experience of partnering with your organisation. You don’t get to take advantage of their skills.

Digital Gaps believes there is another way.

We fill the gap, connecting your public sector organisation with the small businesses that could help you.

We partner with you to discover the issues your organisation may be facing. Once we have established what you need, we draw on our network of small businesses to identify the small business or businesses that could provide a solution.

We manage your project from start to finish, overseeing the small businesses completing the work to ensure you get the best results. That’s why we’re ideally placed to help you tap into the rich tech skills of the small business community. We act as the trusted middleman, attending meetings and then providing a project manager to coordinate the small tech businesses fulfilling the work.

The Digital Gaps team has extensive experience of working with the public sector and the challenges it faces.

Start your digital transformation journey with Digital gaps

Public sector ‘gaps’ could easily be filled by the creativity, agility, innovation and affordability of small businesses. Please get in touch to see how our collective of digital experts can help or how you can become a member of the Collective

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Upcoming Discovery Events

The discovery events allow the public sector to hear about new innovative solutions, gain masterclasses in digital tech and to express their gap / problem / challenge to see what potential solutions the collective will come up with.