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Small Businesses | Big Potential

Digital Gaps will review any of your services or processes to identify ways to increase productivity and effectiveness.

We co-develop digital solutions between you and our collective of small businesses to provide creativity, agility, innovation and affordability.

We reward your co-development role through free licensing and income generation from any future sales to peer organisations.

More About Us

The Digital Gaps Collective

The Digital Gaps collective is made up of digital catalysts, digital specialists and small businesses and is designed to co-develop digital product to provide the public sector with creative, innovative agile and affordable solutions.

The collective provides many benefits to the specialists and small businesses including learning from other members, mentoring and the opportunity to submit proposals and win work in the public sector.

The Collective is built on trust. All members must sign up to a set of principles and pre-qualification statements to ensure that Digital Gaps is trusted to excel – excellent advice, excellent value and excellent quality.

The Collective

Digital Gaps help small digital businesses in the public sector market

“We know digital is a massive opportunity for public sector to improve services and reduce costs. Small businesses can offer agility, creativity and innovation as well as great value to the public sector. We recognise that it is difficult for a risk averse authority and a small business with limited sales resource to engage each other. Our vision is to be the trusted broker to work with both sides to make it possible. Digital Gaps is the most proactive initiative to support the Government’s target of 25% of public contracts going to SMEs that I’ve seen.”

Martin Sadler,
Managing Director of Digital Gaps


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Upcoming Discovery Events

The discovery events allow the public sector to hear about new innovative solutions, gain masterclasses in digital tech and to express their gap / problem / challenge to see what potential solutions the collective will come up with.